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This website is all about dogs, the most popular breeds, their life expectancy, and so much more. We hope you will find out some interesting things whilst on this website. If you wish to visit other websites like this one - such as "23 Amazing Facts About Dogs You Probably Didn't Know" and "52 Fun Facts About Dogs", click here for the first one, and here for the second - and here to learn about some record breaking dogs!

About the fuzzy companions:

Dogs are incredible for many reasons, one which is because they have an extremely good sense of smell. In fact, their sense of smell is 40 times more brilliant than that of humans - and that's at least! It is also said that their noses can sense different emotions.

I shall now present to you:

10 fun facts about dependable dogs:

1. A dog's nose is as unique as a human fingerprint,

2. Labradors, German shepherds and cocker spaniels are currently the most popular breeds, but this can vary from time to time, and will also depend on your location,

3. Dogs dream - though puppies do it more often,

4. Most puppies are born both blind and deaf, but they develop the abilities to see and hear after 2 weeks,

5. Some greyhounds can beat cheetahs in a race - however, it would have to be a long race as cheetahs cannot maintain their top speed for too long,

6.  Their average life expectancy is 10-13 yrs - and the oldest dog is 30, who is called Bobi,

7. Dogs are currently the most popular animals to be domesticated in the world,

8. There are about 75.8 million dogs in the United States,

9. Dogs actually sleep curled up to keep themselves warm,

10. Some dogs will stare at you to show their affection for you!

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